Alternative Wedding Photographer – Hana!

WHOA THERE! Y’wanna know about this alternative wedding photographer?


I’ll tell ya. 

Here’s my face. Close up. It’s like you’re standing in front of me, isn’t it? Well hopefully one day you will be over a glass/cup of something and we can chat about STUFF….

I’m Hana, I’m an alternative wedding photographer and ex-teacher in my work life. I’ve been described as natural, tireless, awesome and sarcastic.

I love puns and sushi and gin/beer/wine, and a good old brutal joke.

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I like people, I like people I don’t know even more – I tend to blend in and get chatting to everyone at weddings and events. I find it allows me to get involved while I’m busy snapping away, and I guess if they tell me secrets about you, their friends, then I can use it to make us all laugh. Great photos come out of this stuff. I might end up taking the piss a bit at points, but it’s genuine banter and I’m a pro at taking it back.


When I’m photographing, I tend to be pretty up for anything. If a shot requires lying on the floor or climbing 9ft up a tree then I’m all for it. I’m fully insured and I have more clothes at home/in the car… getting the right shots and having a total hoot while I do it is totally important to me. There’s nothing worse than getting home and thinking “but would I have looked excellent in a tree??” 

Of course I would.

alternative wedding photographer in hampshire berkshire surrey

Please have a look around, and get in touch when you’ve finished so that I can get excited about a new opportunity. 

I also have a photobooth over at Prints Charming Photobooth and he’s ever so wonderful and awesomely good fun. You get a snazzy ol’ discount for booking us both, so why not think about that too? Yanno, while you’re at it.
Hana x

Wedding photographer working in alternative, natural and relaxed weddings

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