Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some things you might want to know, some things I want you to know, and maybe some things you already know… Frequently asked questions ahoy!

How far in advance do you get busy?
This really varies… there’s been one weekend in September which is triple booked for a year, but also in January – March 2016 I booked 12 weddings, and 10 of them were for the same year. It’s best to enquire about your date as soon as you think you might be interested, because then I can let you know if any other nutcases are sniffing around on your date!

Where do you travel to?
All over! If I’ve got a free day either side of your wedding, I’m happy to get in the car, on a train or on a plane. Travel is included if it’s within an hour and a half’s drive from Alton, Hampshire (GU34).

What if you haven’t been to our venue before?
All the better! I love a new place to explore. Returning to the same venues is lovely in seeing them change across the year, or seeing the lovely suppliers/staff there etc… but I also love meeting new people and scouting out fresh places to play cameras.
If it’d make you feel comfortable, we can arrange to meet there for a wander around, too!
I’ve photographed at big registry offices, and little ones. I’ve been to farms and barns and beaches. I’ve been indoors and outdoors in the summer and the winter…

What will you wear?
Usually something which allows me freedom of movement and to be comfortable. This doesn’t mean ugly! I also like things to have some colour, and pockets… If you have a festivally casual wedding, or if you’re looking for super stylish London glam – I can do either! We can chat that over…

hana laurie alternative wedding photographer in the ceremony at festival wedding, by simon martinez

Image by Simon Martinez

Do you eat? You look like you do…!
Firstly, rude. Secondly, yes! Ahh man I do.

I will have something to eat before I leave the house, but often that’s pretty early in the morning and I don’t get home ’til very late! I can’t be a reasonable person on sweaty sarnies 3 times in a work day, so any opportunity for a hot meal I will gladly welcome! I don’t have to have what you’re having, many suppliers do a bar meal for the likes of photographers/videographers/toastmasters etc, and I don’t have to sit in with you all ’cause I also like to back up and review your photos and also have a good old scratch/swear/nosepick/check Reddit.

Do you have a 2nd shooter/assistant?
I’m confident enough working on my own, but sometimes it’s ace to have a second point of view for your wedding. This is especially valid for long or large weddings, but also if you guys place a lot of importance on the prep being equal for Bride + Groom (or Bride + Bride or Groom + Groom!) and if you want a varied perspective on your ceremony photos etc. There’re so many advantages to having a second shooter, and I have a number of trusted colleagues I work with regularly – they’re £250 for the day and worth every coin.

We want natural photographs, do we have to have group shots?!
Think of it this way, your wedding photos have three different purposes… There’s the ones you’re going to frame on your walls, and there’s the candid and dancefloor ones you’re all going to howl about on social media… and that’s great! They’re the photos for now…
In 10 years you’re going to want the group photos – “Aw! There we all are together!” “Look! Aunty Jean was with us!” “Haaaa they’re not together anymore are they?!” etc 😉
It’s so worth doing them, and sure… it’s a bit dull and you can’t drink and chat through its awkwardness, but keep it under 10 variations and we’ll rattle through it!

Festival wedding group photo with haybales and lindy bop dresses!

Do you mind if our Uncle Bob brings his camera and shoots with you?
I sort of do, to be honest! This can be really distracting for not only me… but you too! You’ll find yourself not knowing where to look and it’s super lame to get your photos back and not everyone’s making eye contact! It’s also something that I do professionally rather than for a hobby, and while I obviously care about you guys loads, I’m not as invested in your ceremony and marriage as Uncle Bob should be!
Candid photos during the drinks reception, meal or hilarious japes etc is a different matter, and people should feel free to snap away to their hearts content!

Do we need a contract? And can it be amended?
We absolutely do, this is for both of us to feel safe and secure in our expectations and needs. It includes things about photo ownership, where I might use them afterwards, payment terms, safety clauses etc. There are some bits in the contract which I’m happy to discuss (social media use etc), but if you have a query about any part of the contract, or something you’d like to see added – let’s chat.

Are you insured?
Oh hell yes. I can provide Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing information – I’d not sleep and I’d live on Gaviscon otherwise.

How long can we expect before we see our beloved photos?
It normally takes between 4-6 weeks for me to get your online gallery up and ready. This can be quicker depending on my workload, and then after I’ve finished your edit I then work on your physical package which will be along after that. There’s some little surprises in there which take me a little longer!
If you want a few photos for thank you cards etc then let me know and I’ll have a little look around and get some over to you!

bouquet toss from a crane at a farm wedding

Can we request specific edit styles? We love Instagram filters!
Eeehhh I’ve worked for years to perfect the way I deliver my photos and I’m so proud of how bright, real and affecting they are. I tend to work quite hard on making sure your photos look amazing and consistent, so if you’d prefer a different edit style then perhaps it’s best if you politely just… find someone else!

How can we book you?
If you’re not already in touch – then HELLO! Drop me a line and then I’ll ask for your postal address and a £250 date retainer. This is non-refundable and secures the date with me. I’ll send you out a welcome pack with a load of information and our contract in it. As soon as you return this (and the fun little game enclosed) then I’ll add you to my calendar in metaphorical Sharpie pen. <3

When do you need the rest of the cash?
The balance is then due in the month before your nuptials. I’ll send you over a reminder at the same time as asking for any last minute details!

Cheeky! 😀

We have another question you’ve not answered here…
Drop me a line through my contact page or on Facebook and I’ll wrack my brains for the answer!

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