Awesome Wedding Photography you say? That’s what you want? That’s what I’m gonna give ya. 

I’m an awesome wedding photographer in the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire borders area and I just love the emotion and fun which you get in a good ol’ wedding.

I am a bit sarcastic and a big fan of a joke but I find it means I can really relax with my couples and my guests. I often come away having made genuine friendships which seems like a WONDERFUL thing to come out of a job.

I’m not afraid to climb a tree or back into a bush/lie down in mud to get perfect and awesome wedding photography… there are always more clothes in the car and that’s what insurance is for – right? I’m not a photographer who hides in the reception with a zoom lens to capture those natural shots. I prefer instead to get my mingle on since that’s where the true facial expressions and stories come from! You’re not telling me your friends and family have never done anything embarrassing, right? I’m gonna get ’em. I’ll get ’em when they’re crying and i’ll get them when they spill a drink all over themselves. We’ve all done it. 

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No idea what I was thinking…!

See my buttons below for places I’ve been featured and interviewed. You can also have a look at my SmugMug page for some real weddings and check out my gorgeous Prints Charming Photobooth where you’ll also find some snazzy discount if you book us both! 


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Late Availability: Get in touch! I might be able to squeeze you in, and if I like you/I got up on the right side of bed I might throw in a little something!

Mid-week weddings: Please, get me out of the house! Sometimes I need an excuse to get dressed and YOUR AWESOME WEDDING is the best reason! And also, again I might be able to do you a deal…